Why Use Cold Chain Packaging for the Long Transit

Why Use Cold Chain Packaging for the Long Transit

Transporting temperature-controlled products does not require a mere transportation system. Although refrigerated trucks from trucking services play a huge role in safely shipping the goods, there are still so many delicate products that if loaded out upon arrival, their quality will immediately be compromised.

Temperature-sensitive goods will need the aid of an advanced packaging system, especially for food security. One of the most effective solutions for perishable goods transport is the use of cold chain technology. Specialized cold chain packaging typically uses cold gel products with insulated box liners to protect the products throughout the transit process, even if there may be transit delays among the provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada.

Even with the refrigerated truck system’s inability to maintain the products’ quality in the loading dock, the packaging is still rarely discussed as a priority in the cold chain supply process. Secondary and tertiary packaging should be considered, as well. These packaging ensure airflow during the transit, keeping away the hot spots of trapped, warm air.

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