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What Products Are Permitted by the Government

What Products Are Permitted by the Government

The import and export of products go through Customs Services in Canada. The government makes sure that no illegal items will come in and out of our borders.

That is why one must secure a Business Number (BN) for an import and export account. This is for the regulation of logistics and Trucking Services in the country.

Below are the following items that the Government of Canada controls and restricts:

  • Live animal and animal products.

    Importing terrestrial and aquatic animals, animal by-products, semen and embryos, endangered species.

  • Drug and health products.

    Importing and exporting drugs, human pathogens, toxins, and other health products.

  • Firearms and military goods.

    Trading firearms, weapons, ammunition and related parts, military goods, and strategic technology.

  • Dangerous goods.

    Importing explosives, nuclear substances and equipment, hazardous waste, and the risks involved.

  • Minerals and metals.

    Bringing steel, precious metals, or rough diamonds into Canada.

These are only a few examples we can cite. Check the complete listings on the
website for your reference.

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