What Are the Main Challenges That We Face in 2022?


As part of an ever-changing industry, you may have questions about the things Logistics and Customs Services, Inc. must face in meeting our clientele’s needs. This is something we always think about as part of the economic lifeblood of the country. We assure you that, as an expert in logistics services in Ontario, Canada, we always strive to innovate and elevate in response to challenges.

Here are some of the main challenges we face as a provider of trucking services and how we aim to solve them in our pursuit of successful logistics:

  • Transportation costs
    Fuel is a non-renewable resource. Until viable commercial alternatives are available, transport costs on fuel will make up nearly half of a shipment’s value. Improving warehousing capabilities as well as better bulk solutions can help reduce mileage.
  • More complex networks
    Digitization is the tool by which we combat increasing complexity in supply chain networks. As shipping demands evolve and demands shift, state-of-the-art logistics software helps us stay on top.
  • Achieving sustainability
    Growing environmental consciousness puts pressure on logistics providers to get creative in contributing to eco-initiatives. Load and route optimization is one we implement to help cut fuel consumption.
  • Customer expectations
    This is another area where digitization does wonders. With the popularity of one-day deliveries, shippers are hard-pressed to hit deadlines while still ensuring the security and integrity of products. But thanks to real-time tracking, reducing mileage and speeding up deliveries are possible.

With these solutions, we aim to remain your reliable provider of transport and customs services in Canada. Contact us and witness these innovations in action for your next shipping job.

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