Ways to Get The Best Freight Shipping Rate

Freight is the general term for the products or the goods that are transported, while freight shipping is the physical process of transporting cargo via road or trucking services, air, rail, and sea from place to place. The various types of freight shipments that we can choose from and the prices vary for each type. But how do we get the best freight shipping rate? Here are some ways you need to know:

  • Consolidate your shipments into larger, less frequent shipments, such as stacking similar products together on a single pallet, pouch, or box
  • Choose the best carrier or provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada, that offers competitive rates
  • Understand carrier lanes and know the difference between net cost and line-haul rate
  • Work with a third-party logistics provider and know each carrier’s rules and tariffs
  • Know your freight classification and minimize empty pallet space

Here at Logistics and Customs Services, Inc., a reliable provider of customs services in Canada, we are known to be North America’s best-kept secret when it comes to 3PL companies. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as we strive to provide first-class and reliable service to our customers. We deliver when it comes to lowering your company’s overall annual costs.

Our goal is to help our customers reduce their supply chain costs by minimizing administrative and transportation costs and providing multiple services and carrier options. So if you want to avail of our services, call us right away.

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