Tips to Simplify the International Shipping Process


International shipping is complicated. It can be difficult to navigate all of the laws and regulations that a shipment has to comply with. If you’ve used logistics, customs, or freight forwarding services before, you know how crucial it is to have someone who knows how to do it well.

That’s where Logistics and Customs Services, Inc. comes in. We specialize in freight forwarding for commercial clients and entrepreneurs who want to import or export goods from overseas. We know shipping can be confusing, so here are some recommendations to help:

  • Know the Laws and Regulations.
    Be aware of the laws and regulations regarding import and export. You can find this information on the local government website in your country. It will often include specific customs requirements for goods you want to ship internationally.
  • Choose the Right Customs Broker and Forwarder.
    This is one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your international shipping process. Customs brokers play a crucial role in helping companies navigate complicated regulations.
  • Choose the Best Transportation Option.
    Decide which mode of transportation is right for your shipment. There are several different options available when choosing how to get your goods from one country to another—from ocean freight to air freight and several options in between.

Logistics and Customs Services (LCS) can make international shipping much simpler for you. We provide a variety of other shipping services such as Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Trucking Services, and Customs Brokerage.

Our logistics services in Ontario, Canada have been in business since 1996, so we have plenty of experience in international shipping.

If you’re looking for a reliable international freight forwarder or customs services in Canada, then LCS is a great choice. Contact us today.

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