Project Cargo Transportation To-Do List

project-cargo-transportation-to-do-listThere are various problems and risks when dealing with logistics planning. Make sure you are ahead of the game and have a plan set out in case any of these problems come up.

As a provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada we recommend you to have the following prepared beforehand:

  • Pre-plan
    Avoid additional costs and unexpected events by planning ahead of time. Make sure you coordinate transportation details ahead of time and that your packages are the proper dimension and weight. Otherwise, this can lead to additional charges for over-dimensional or over-weight cargo.
  • Choose a quality transportation provider
    Make sure the trucking services provider you choose has a proven track record, honesty in pricing, proactive communication in case of changes or issues, and financial strength to assume a certain amount of risk and liability.
  • Work on contingency plans
    Have a back-up plan in case the initial plan does not work properly
  • Work on constant improvement
    Track the results of the finisher project and see potential areas of improvement to help future shipments.

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