Major Trends That Are Shaping Logistics Management


The logistics industry has experienced significant changes in the past few years. These changes are driven by the integration of technology-driven innovations in business processes. This has significantly improved productivity and efficiency in the workflow, as well as traceability of the supply chain.

As a trusted provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada, we will share the major trends that are shaping logistics management today:

  • Artificial Intelligence
    When combined with machine learning, AI algorithms can support businesses to be more proactive in dealing with fluctuations in demand. AI technology can forecast solutions and allow companies to plan supply chain processes to reduce costs. The emergence of self-driving AI could also potentially affect delivery service automation and trucking services.
  • Omni-Channel Shipping
    Omni-channel fulfillment is becoming a reality in the logistics industry. This is mainly due to the shift in meeting customer expectations in retail. Traditionally, shoppers would travel to the purchased item but with omnichannel fulfillment, return orders flow directly to and from the end customer.
  • Big Data & Analytics
    Big data analytics have made actionable insights for improving warehouse productivity possible. It can also help improve performance management and the utilization of logistical resources. The analysis of market data can help support the optimization of inventory levels and supplier pricing as well.

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