Getting your shipments delivered quickly to their destinations
Airplane being loaded with cargo

Air Freight shipping is one of the quickest ways for your shipments to reach their destination. Our team of experts can arrange air service to and from anywhere in the world, also we are able to offer 24 hour service or several day options depending on your needs. Our established relationships with major air carriers enable us to expedite all of your air freight shipments with the most options and fast-tracking you to the best solutions.

We understand that if Air Freight service is required that it is a premium service and therefore we provide fast delivery at reasonable costs. Our global networks can secure and manage movements while having visibility throughout the shipping process door to door.

LCS provides complete solutions for import and export requirements, tailoring services to each individual customers’ needs. Please do not hesitate to request for a quote online. You may also contact 888-809-8888 for further inquiries.