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Considerations Before Using Air Freight


If delivery speed and duration are important to you, air freight shipment may be a reasonable alternative to consider. However, in most circumstances, air shipping is also prohibitively expensive. Before committing to logistics services in Ontario, Canada, you must first choose how much you are willing to spend on transportation.

Importers and other consumers must consider volumetric and actual weight to avoid costly surprises. This is because large packages in air shipment take up more space in an airplane, even if they are lighter than others. Thus, freight and cargo shipments are typically charged by volume or real weight, whichever is greater.

Electronics and other sensitive or fragile goods require particular commodities to keep them safe during travel. Prices for these specialized commodities may also vary, so importers should have a good grasp of their needs before engaging an air shipping carrier.

Before you can complete your shipping transaction, you must get various documents and permits. The appropriate service will not only guide you through the procedure but will also connect you with the relevant people who will help you understand and expedite it.

To top it all off, choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time, such as Logistics and Customs Services, Inc. An expert freight business will be familiar with all of the channels required to successfully carry products from one location to another.

We offer LTL, FTL, flatbed, expedited, heavy haul, air ride, refrigerated, and heated road trucking services.

If you require customs services in Canada, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have all the solutions for your complete transportation needs!

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