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Choosing Rail Transport in Shipping Your Cargo

Choosing Rail Transport in Shipping Your Cargo

It can sometimes be challenging to decide which logistics and customs services in Canada to choose when shipping goods to a remote location.

Many options exist, and your choice will depend on how far the products need to go. However, if you’re delivering within the country where your company is located, you may want to consider rail transport as your mode of freight transportation.

You can take into account the following benefits of rail transport over other land transportation like trucking services:

  • Reliable
    Rail transport has no traffic or weather to slow down trains. Unlike trucks, trains don’t have to share their tracks with the general people like on the road.
  • Affordable
    Transporting large amounts of freight by rail saves money on fuel expenses. The costs of train drivers are lower, and drop-trailer programs are less expensive on average.
  • More Earth-friendly
    Unlike trucks, trains use less fuel per ton-mile, so it’s possible to reduce 75% of greenhouse gases when transporting with trains.
  • More capacity
    Trains can transport large amounts of cargo at a time. One double-stacked train may hold the same amount of freight more than thrice trucks can deliver.

Regarding rail transportation and shipment, Logistics and Customs Services, Inc. is ready to assist you with your cargo. Whether it’s insurance, project logistics, or trucking services, we’ll help you find the ideal match for your needs.

Feel free to contact us anytime at 888-809-8888 to find out what logistics services in Ontario, Canada, our team can offer.

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