Cargo Insurance: Should You Insure Your Shipments?


If you regularly send out shipments, you may have been asked whether or not you would like to ensure your packages. This does not necessarily mean that there is a high risk of your package not arriving safely. While most shipments arrive at their destinations on time and intact, there are still risks with shipping goods.

So should you insure your shipments? Being a provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada, we recommend that you insure your shipment if the idea of damaged orders, loss, or theft of your product makes you nervous. If you’re shipping high-value products through eCommerce a potential loss may damage the reputation of your business.

Here are some benefits to insuring your shipments:

  • Peace of mind
    Worry less about the safety of your shipment
  • Remove the burden of replacement costs
    If your package is lost, damaged, or stolen you wouldn’t be burdened to cover costs
  • It’s convenient
    You can easily pay for the fee and it’s automatically added to your overall shipping price

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