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Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: Which Suits Your Goods?


Logistics services in Ontario, Canada come in different types. For nearby areas, rail transit or trucking services is the better option. But when it comes to shipping products across the globe, what is the best for your products: ocean freight or air freight?

  • Air Freight
    When time is an essential element, air freight shipping is, hands down, the obvious choice. It takes a lesser time to send and receive goods. Thus, air freight is perfect for items that have a short shelf-life, such as food and pharmaceutical drugs. Products of high value and come in small volumes are best shipped by air for security.
  • Ocean Freight
    Ocean freight can take weeks to arrive. But they tend to be a less-expensive option. If you need to deliver products in bulk and with a longer shelf-life, ocean freight is the best way to go. Are your products big in size and heavier in weight? A ship is more spacious. Do your items include hazardous goods? They are best transported by sea, as some goods are prohibited in air freight.

Air and ocean freight has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. When you partner with Logistics and Customs Services, Inc., we can help you tailor the shipment of your products to the appropriate mode of transportation and assistance with customs services in Canada. Our state-of-the-art technology and reliable agents can help you keep track of your products anywhere in the world.

Request a quote for our air freight, ocean freight, or trucking services, among others!

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